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What are ZOOmarounds?

ZOOmarounds are a fun and exciting attraction!

ZOOmarounds provide a fun ride on a motorized version of your favorite zoo animals and are easy for children as young as 3 to maneuver and also strong enough to provide a fun ride for adults.

They are easy to use, operate at the push of a button at a safe walking speed and require no supervision to ride.

They are the most exciting and fun ride you can have at the Mall!

Suitable for all ages

….for children as
young as 3 to maneuver

Superior Experience

…children and adults get enjoyment and joy from our products

Safety for your children

…our ZOOmarounds are safety checked on a regular basis

Our Events

ZOOmarounds are a leading Animal Ride vendor at Events and Festivals through out Florida

Events include:

  • Arts and crafts festivals
  • Beer festivals
  • Culture, heritage and folk festivals
  • Flower festivals
  • Holiday festivals